Examination & Supervisory Modernization


The Exam Flexibility Initiative, NCUA's exam modernization working group, issued a report in October 2016. The group looked at all aspects of the supervision process including the length and scoping of examination, coordination with state regulators and other issues. NCUA has told CUNA staff that their long-term goal is to completely rethink and reform the exam process.​

Though examination concerns seem to be abating in areas across the country, credit unions continue to have concerns that the appeals process and training for examiners are inadequate. While we have seen some improvement in this area, likely due in part to recent amendments to NCUA's appeals procedures, we continue to monitor this area to determine where to focus future advocacy efforts.​

NCUA's Regulatory Reform Task Force published its second and final report in December 2018. The report contains both general recommendations for NCUA's regulatory reform agenda moving forward and a refined blueprint of the timeline for recommended regulatory changes. CUNA provided substantial input in response to the Task Force's first report, published in March 2017. We will continue to work with NCUA to ensure timely developments on the regulatory items identified as action items in the second report.

Where We Stand

CUNA continues to work with the NCUA on modernizing the examination process, including movement toward a virtual and continuous oversight model, which should result in a reduced examination burden for credit unions.  While examination complaints are declining, credit unions continue to voice concerns that both the appeals process and training for examiners are inadequate and should be addressed by NCUA.

Extended Exam Cycle has been adopted, NCUA Studying and Piloting More Extensive Overhaul to Exam and Supervision Process including the use of Virtual Exams and overhauling the Call Report Process.


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