Field of Membership


In October of 2016, the NCUA made changes to the NCUA's chartering and field of membership policies and procedures.  The final rule changed policies affecting:  

  • The definition of a local community, a rural district and an underserved area; 
  • The expansion of options for a multiple common bond credit union to add potential members; 
  • The expansion of options available to single common bond credit unions based on a trade, industry or profession; and
  • The process for applying to expand membership in a federal credit union. 
  • There is currently a second proposed field of membership rule, but the timing remains uncertain due to current litigation. 

Where We Stand

CUNA was actively engaged in the rulemaking process and has continued to be active during the second proposed rule.  Currently, CUNA has been a vocal defendant of the NCUA during the lawsuit filed by the ABA against the NCUA challenging their authority to promulgate the rule. 

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