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The Credit Union Impact Dashboard

These are the big-picture stories, brought to you by raw data itself.

Key takeaways

While a specific data inquiry yields a specific result, there are macro-level takeaways that shine through time and again:

  • Credit unions deliver billions of dollars in financial benefits to members and nonmembers through lower loan interest rates, higher saving yields. and fewer and lower fees.

  • Credit unions have a HIGH impact on local economies, by creating thousands of jobs, generating billions of dollars in economic output, and billions in tax revenues for state and federal governments.

It's as simple as this: credit unions have leveraged their tax exemption status by a factor of 9. That means better interest rates AND more members are being served. It also means credit union-friendly legislation is one of the best investments policymakers can make for their constituents.


Macro, micro or in-between

Use the Credit Union Impact Dashboard to look at data at any level, from a specific ZIP code to the entire United States.