Credit Union Awareness Initiative

The Awareness Initiative is an all-out effort by our movement to get more consumers to consider credit unions their best financial services provider.

We’re launching a modern, national digital advertising program in January: Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union™. And at America’s Credit Union Conference this July we announced a fundraising goal of $100 million to fund the initiative through 2021 and create a long-term, sustainable industry-wide program.

It’s Time to Commit

The future of our movement depends on more Americans than ever opening their eyes to everything a credit union offers. For years, our market share has been stagnant at 7%. Meanwhile, big banks are out-spending us $43 to $1 on marketing, attracting new customers. We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines any longer.

The $100 million commitment will fund a national program that is:


Our digital-first, hyper-targeted approach means more impact for your dollars. Banks spend billions to out-market other banks. By working together to tell a compelling story about the entire credit union movement, we will complement and amplify every credit union’s individual marketing spend—creating a rising tide that lifts all credit unions.


This is a movement-wide initiative. Every credit union will have the opportunity to contribute in a fair, appropriate manner. You will be receiving a packet with a specific ask for your credit union.

Commit to supporting the Awareness Initiative at your credit union.

It’s time to commit—not only to the Awareness Initiative, but to each other and the future relevance of our movement.

Go to (password: openyoureyes). Download the Messaging Guide. Learn about the research. Prepare to get involved.  

If you have questions, please email us.