CUNA Economic Update

CUNA Economic Update videos provide monthly overviews of the economy and its impact on credit unions.

This edition video provides a current economic forecast


March 2021: Current Economic Forecast 

February 2021:  Current Economic Forecast ( Presentation)

January 2021: Current Economic Forecast ( Presentation)

November 2020:  Current Economic Forecast (  Presentation)

October 2020: Current Economic Forecast ( Presentation

September 2020: Economic Update ( Presentation)

July 2020:  Current Economics Forecast ( Presentation)

June 2020: Current Economic Forecast ( Presentation)

May 2020: Current Economic Forecasts High Level Overview ( Presentation)

April 2020 Special Edition: The Unequal Impact of COVID-19 on Vulnerable Members' Financial Well-Being ( Presentation)  

April 2020: Economic and Credit Union Forecasts Related to COVID-19 ( Presentation)

November 2019: Challenges Remain in Urban and Rural Areas ( Presentation)

October 2019: Q3 Economic and Credit Union Forecasts ( Presentation)

September 2019:  Increasing Concern Over the Possible Upcoming Recession (  Presentation)

August 2019: Increasing Concern Over the Possible Upcoming Recession ( Presentation)

July 2019:  Research on Branch Location and Why it Matters ( Presentation)

June 2019: Trade Tensions Go Beyond China ( Presentation)

May 2019: Economic Developments and Credit Union Forecasts ( Presentation

April 2019: This Summer Will Mark the Longest Economic Expansion in U.S. History ( Presentation)

March 2019:    The Economy, The Likely Path Forward, and How It Will Likely Impact Credit Unions ( Presentation)

February 2019: When We Can Expect the Next Recession ( Presentation)

January 2019: How Credit Unions Are Reaching and Serving Diverse Members ( Presentation

December 2018: Third Quarter 2018 NCUA Call Report Data ( Presentation)

November 2018:   The Rising Concerns of Student Loan Debt ( Presentation)

October 2018:  Auto Tariff Developments and Estimates on How They Might Affect Credit Union Lending ( Presentation)

September 2018: Mid-year 2018 NCUA Call Report Data ( Presentation)

August 2018: Executive Compensation in Credit Unions ( Presentation)