Member Activation Program

It's time to utilize your greatest advocacy resource: your members.

CUNA Member Activation Program (MAP) gets your members engaged in credit union advocacy. We provide plug-and-play content, you deliver the content to members, and your members discover ways to play a role in the future of their credit union. 


Learn how engaging your credit union's members with advocacy communications can strengthen and grow your members' loyalty.

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What do you gain from member advocacy?

Members who receive advocacy outreach have a stronger bond to their credit union; 82% say it makes them want to do more business with their institution.

Why should you deliver the message?

Nothing is more powerful than your credit union's brand in delivering advocacy and political action messages to members.

Why emphasize "membership"?

Consumers who consider themselves “customers” view credit unions 67% more favorably than banks. Consumers who consider themselves “members?” 89%.

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The first step to getting started with MAP is to join the MAP Community.  The MAP Community is a space for credit union advocacy professionals to connect with your peers, ask questions, solve problems, get the latest information and build knowledge. All the latest campaign templates and resources are housed here.  If you have any specific questions about MAP - please reach out to Adam Engelman or Joanne Sordellini.

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