Youth Month

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When you think about your financial situation, it's always vital to look to the future. With this year's National Credit Union Youth Month theme, we're encouraging young credit union members to picture themselves in the future and make saving easier.

This April you can create a lasting relationship with your youngest members by helping them focus on an optimistic and hopeful future full of awesome possibilities, then empower them to make it happen using the science of saving.

Resources available during this year's National Credit Union Youth Month include:

  • The Video - You can get the youth month video customized with your logo to give to members and show them the science of saving.
  • The Design Bundle - Get a killer youth promotion without the killer cost with more than $5,000 worth of content for just $550.
  • The Member Celebrations Store - A variety of co-brandable giveaways and apparel are available for you and your members. 
  • The National Youth Savings Challenge - A free challenge designed to help you boost your youth event.

Bring your young members the confidence they need to save for the future, and get ready for National Credit Union Youth Month 2018!


Youth Month Resources

Browse an array of Youth Month items that reinforce the theme. Find something for every budget at the Member Celebrations Store

A convenient package featuring our Youth Month designs, allowing you to create your own materials and use your own vendors.


The design bundle includes exclusive content such as additional social media art, and ready-to-print piece that can be used as a statement stuffer or in-branch handout. Plus you'll receive the Youth Month video, and we'll add your logo to the video for free! Purchasers receive 10% off any purchase at the Member Celebrations store.

Purchase the Design Bundle

Click here for a sneak peek of the Design Bundle, including tips on how to use it to make the most of your youth month celebration.

Use these complimentary graphics to promote your event. Higher-resolution, sponsorship-free versions are available via the Youth Month Design Bundle.

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Engage your membership online with fun, shareable art.

Facebook Cover
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Social Media Piece
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Tailor these ready-to-go communications to your event.

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Using Science to Help You Save for Your Future 

The theme for this year's National Credit Union Youth Month ™ event is the Science of Savings. The celebration inspires young people to save their money at your credit union so they can enjoy the future they dream about.

Here's how you can participate. 

  1. Sign up for the Member Celebrations e-newsletter. Here we'll share exclusive deals, celebration tips, stories about what other CUs are doing, and fun contests. 
  2. Contact a mentor. These friendly credit union folks have years of experience hosting blockbuster youth events and have generously made themselves available to answer your questions. They've also shared some of their best advice. 
  3. Participate in the National Youth Savings Challenge. It's a ready-to-go youth event. It can be as simple as hanging up decorations and giving a small prize for every youth deposit. Plus, CUNA uses the participation numbers in our lobbying efforts to demonstrate to legislators the movement's commitment to the credit union difference. 
  4. Promote your event. Use our free promotional materials or purchase the 2018 Youth Month Design Bundle to create customizable materials that match your brand. Send out a press release, contact your members, and share the art from the social media toolkit across your digital channels. 
  5. Give prizes. Almost every successful youth event is a testament to the power of a simple prize to entice young savers. Create a prize wheel, enter savers into a drawing, or simply pick a giveaway everyone gets. 
  6. Engage your staff. Get staff input on your giveaways, get them excited about meeting your goal for the savings challenge, let them take the lead in planning a community event that involves youth, and outfit them in fun CU apparel.