Youth Month

Picture Your Future

Youth Month 2019

Your young members have limitless potential, and financial education from your credit union can be instrumental in helping them achieve it. This April, celebrate National Credit Union Youth Month with our 2019 theme: “The future is yours… Picture it! Save for it! Share it!” 

Together, we're encouraging young members to express themselves through pictures, sharing their visions for their own financial futures so we can help them get there. By staying true to credit union philosophy in an engaging new way, we can set our young members on the path to financial education, understanding and security.

Get involved by using the Twitter hashtag #CUYouthMonth to let everyone know how your credit union is making a difference in young members' lives.

Check back soon for more information on this year's Youth Month theme. Request to be notified when additional details are available.

Resources available during this year's National Credit Union Youth Month include: 

  • The Video - You can get the youth month video customized with your logo to give members a glimpse at the importance of keeping the future in mind when saving. 
  • The Design Bundle - Get a killer youth promotion without the killer cost. 
  • The Member Celebrations Store - A variety of co-brandable giveaways and apparel are available for you and your members. 

Foster your young members' confidence to save for the future, and get ready for National Credit Union Youth Month 2019. 


Giveaways, Apparel & Decoration

Browse an array of Youth Month items that reinforce this year's theme. Find something for every budget at the Member Celebrations Store

Images and Designs

Use these complimentary graphics to promote your event. Higher-resolution, sponsorship-free versions are available via the Youth Month Design Bundle.

Large Poster

Large Poster
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White Logo

White Logo
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>Small Poster

Small Poster
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   Full Color Logo  

Full Color Logo
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Black Logo

Black Logo
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Social Media Toolkit

Engage your membership online with fun, shareable art.


Instagram Graphic
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Facebook Graphic
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Twitter Graphic
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How to Celebrate

Looking Ahead to Inspire Saving Goals

The theme for this year's National Credit Union Youth Month™ event is: The Future is Yours...Picture it! Save for it! Share it. The celebration inspires young people to save their money at your credit union so they can enjoy the future they have been picturing. 

Here's how you can participate.

  1. Contact a mentor. These friendly credit union folks have years of experience hosting blockbuster youth events and have generously made themselves available to answer your questions. They've also shared some of their best advice.
  2. Promote your event. Use our free promotional materials or purchase the 2019 Youth Month Design Bundle to create customizable materials that match your brand. Send out a press release, contact your members, and share the art from the social media toolkit across your digital channels.
  3. Give prizes. Almost every successful youth event is a testament to the power of a simple prize to entice young savers. Create a prize wheel, enter savers into a drawing, or simply pick a giveaway everyone gets. The Member Celebrations Store offers dozens of giveaway options. 
  4. Engage your staff. Get staff input on your giveaways, get them excited about meeting your goal for the savings challenge, let them take the lead in planning a community event that involves youth, and outfit them in fun CU apparel.